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Start to Seed Smart

We help amazing entrepreneurs doing impossible ventures



Customer Experience tools for Customer support / Ticketing


Smart & Autonomous Customer Care Platform


Personalization Tool for Ecommerce

Beam HR

Retail employee management reinvented


Combining traditional beekeeping expertise with innovative science and technology: Save the Bees


We help engineering + product leaders develop soft skills and build better teams.

Partial Exit

Hyphen is a mobile, real-time employee engagement solution for coworkers to share their opinions, ideas, questions and feedback anonymously and securely


A price intelligence tool to boost sales


Ecommerce campaign customization tool made simple


Marketplace of retail technology solution


SaaS tech platform for the creation of marketplaces


Customer referral network for Ecommerce


CRM for Influencer Marketing


AI-Messenger Commerce Platform


Turn Videos and Stories to Ecommerce

They invested in our startups

Investment Strategy

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  • With a Founders first approach, we value entrepreneurs with experience, smart, resilient with domain expertise and know how to sale. 

  • We seek disruptable industries and market growing opportunities. 

  • We take in consideration capital effectiveness business models with a clear path to revenue. 

  • Bonus points for unfair competitive advantages, network effects and barriers-to-entry.
Learn and Act

Seed Smart: Introduction to Angel Investing

Knowledge is a commodity, it's what you do with it that makes a difference. Having a "Learn and Act" approach, we want our backers to learn as much as we do. We elaborated a practical book to teach the basic fundamentals of angel investing in order to bring you up to speed.
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Execution speed, learning curve, coachability and more.

Valid Business Model

Because the right business model can make a startup a success, it's not only about the technology

Growing Market

What will be the evolution of the Total Market Available, Service available market ? Service obtainable market ?

Initial Unit Economic

Let's have a cohort analysis of your churn, repeat rate, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, your LTC:CAC ratio etc...

Risk of Disintermediation

Do you Increase the perceived value to the users such that the value exceeds the fees, or lower the fees ?


Financial growth is important for any business but at the beginning growth is far more important than profitability.